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Default Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table lists default keyboard shortcuts for DisplayFusion Functions. These Functions and Key Combinations can be accessed via the Settings > Functions tab in DisplayFusion.
There are many more Functions available in DisplayFusion, but we've only assigned keyboard shortcuts to the most used Functions by default.
FunctionKeyboard Shortcut
Move Window to Next MonitorCtrl + Win + X
Move Window to Next Monitor and MaximizeCtrl + Win + A
Move Window to Next Monitor and Size ProportionallyCtrl + Win + Z
Move Window to Previous MonitorCtrl + Win + W
Span Window Across all MonitorsCtrl + Win + `
Load Next Random Wallpaper ImageCtrl + Win + R
To learn more about Functions and shortcuts, see these documents: DisplayFusion Beginners Guide and Custom Functions.
Sep 13, 2014 (modified Aug 12, 2022)  • #1
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