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DisplayFusion License Changes

DisplayFusion was first released in August of 2007, over 3 years ago! During the last 3 years, DisplayFusion has grown into a must-have utility for anyone with multiple monitors. Licensing has changed as well over the years, with the introduction of a paid Pro version nearly 2 years ago. This paid Pro version was licensed on a per-computer basis, requiring multiple licenses to be purchased for use on multiple computers. After quite a bit of feedback from the DisplayFusion community, I have decided to shuffle the licensing around a little bit.

New License Type: Personal Home license

Starting today, you can now purchase a DisplayFusion Pro Personal Home license. This new license is for home users ONLY, and is not a valid license for company users. The license allows a home user to purchase 1 license, and install it on all of their computers. It's like a mini site license for home users. If you are a home user that has already purchased a DisplayFusion Pro license and you would like to upgrade to a Personal Home license at a discounted price, please contact me.

Free Version License Changes

Another licensing change is a new restriction on free version usage. Starting with version 3.2, the free version of DisplayFusion will no longer be allowed to be used in a company environment. If you are using the free version of DisplayFusion in a company, you have 2 options: keep using 3.1.10 without any restrictions or convince your company to purchase a DisplayFusion Pro license. A single license is just $25, and with multiple licenses you can reduce this to just $15 per license. DisplayFusion needs your support, and every DisplayFusion Pro license purchased will help!

New License Types and Restrictions

Free License

DisplayFusion Free

Standard License

DisplayFusion Pro Standard License

  • For personal or company use
  • Prices range from $15 to $25 per license
  • Perfect for home users who have 1 computer and only need 1 license
  • Perfect for smaller companies who want multiple licenses, but don't want a Site License
  • Fully functional license including all DisplayFusion Pro features
Personal Home License

DisplayFusion Pro Personal Home License

  • For personal home users who have more than 1 computer
  • Buy 1 license, use DisplayFusion Pro on as many computers as you need
  • This license is for personal use only, not for company use
  • Fully functional license including all DisplayFusion Pro features
Company Site License

DisplayFusion Pro Company Site License

  • For companies that have 25 or more computers
  • Pay 1 price, use DisplayFusion Pro on as many computers as you need
  • No license servers, no complicated license management
  • Fully functional license including all DisplayFusion Pro features

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to contact me. If you are using the free version of DisplayFusion, and you can't live without it, why not pitch-in and support the development of future versions? It's only $25 and your purchased license will be valid with all future versions of DisplayFusion!

Aug 30, 2010  • #1
User Image
2 discussion posts
I use it at home and my work PC, but its not for "corporate" use, just personal use while at work. I don't even configure it to start under any login but my own.

Is that still personal?
Aug 30, 2010  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I think I can let that slide, as long as it is you that owns the license and not your company. :)
Aug 31, 2010  • #3
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2 discussion posts
Cool, thanks!
Aug 31, 2010  • #4
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Bill Thompson
1 discussion post

I recently discovered your program, and was on the fence about free vs pro, I really only use it on one machine at home, but could use it on my work computer, which also has two screens. Your very reasonable, generous answer to this question made my decision easy. The check is in the mail...


Sep 28, 2010  • #5
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
@Bill: Thanks for your support!
Sep 29, 2010  • #6
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