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DisplayFusion v1.3 Released

I have built and released the latest version of DisplayFusion, version 1.3. This updated release contains a few quick fixes, and adds some extra functionality:

  • Added: New hotkey to centre the window and size it to 100% (basically maximized without actually maximizing it)
  • Added: Option to watch if any other programs (or computer policies) change your wallpaper, then prompt you to restore it
  • Added: Option to search Flickr images by Group name/description as well, not just by a Person's name
  • Changed: Moved the folder that web images get saved to from AppData to the "My Pictures" folder for easier access
  • Changed: Changed the default filenames of web images from random IDs to the image's title for easier access

For the complete list change of changes take a look at the Change Log.

Check out DisplayFusion today!

Sep 17, 2007  • #1
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Greetings from Tenn. What a great little program. I just installed dual monitors 2 weeks ago and was wishing I could have 2 differant desktop, Now I can. It installed and works great on Windows Vista
Thank You
Sep 18, 2007  • #2
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