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DisplayFusion v2.3 Beta 17 Released! (v2.2.117)

Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I'm very happy to announce the immediate release of DisplayFusion v2.3 beta 17. This is a very minor update that addresses a few things:

- Made some changes to the screensaver detection code to try and fix lockups when the screensaver activates (very rare)
- Installer is now 100% translated (add Spanish thanks to Fernando!)
- Made some changes to detect when an application is trying to "bring down" DisplayFusion (Mein Geld 2009, for example)

If DisplayFusion doesn't prompt you to upgrade you can download the new version here:

I have attached some of the excellent translations that are Beta 17 compatible as well. I'm still waiting on some final Russian and Spanish phrases, but they're getting close. :)

As always, please post any issues you have in the forum in a new topic.

Thanks everyone!
• Attachment: fr.lang [27,542 bytes]
• Attachment: it.lang [24,484 bytes]
• Attachment: nl-be.lang [25,301 bytes]
• Attachment: pt-br.lang [25,830 bytes]
• Attachment: sv.lang [24,993 bytes]
• Attachment: zh-cn.lang [21,611 bytes]
Feb 2, 2009  • #1
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