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High resource usage in 3.4.0

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I just noticed display fusion was using 10-25% of my cpu and over 900MB of ram, which doesn't seem right. Before I restarted the program it was lagging so hard right clicking on the taskbar didn't bring up the menu for quite some time. I've never noticed this behavior before and I haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately. So I don't have anything else that could help.
Oct 10, 2011  • #1
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Jonathan Garrett
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I get this too, it just happened a few releases back, now display fusion is unusable, shortly after I start it it just sucks cpu and slows down my workstation. This better get fixed fast.
Oct 10, 2011  • #2
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Rashied Imambaks
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Same with me.
Oct 11, 2011  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I know some of you have already been in contact via email, but for those who haven't, can you do the following?
  • On the Troubleshooting tab in the DisplayFusion Settings, enable the "Enable debug logging" option and click Apply
  • Reproduce the issue
  • On the Troubleshooting tab, click the "Open Log" button
  • ZIP or RAR the DisplayFusion.log file if possible, and send it to me (support@displayfusion.com), along with the text from the Troubleshooting tab
Oct 11, 2011  • #4
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Joel M. Bach1
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I've noticed the same problem and have been able to isolate it to having 2 Excel windows open. It doesn't matter if they are on different monitors or the same. Closing 1 drops resource allocation back to normal (from 25% overall and 1 thread saturated back to 1% overall). Multiple Outlook, Word, IE, Acrobat, etc windows don't produce the problem, only Excel so far. I've sent you a log file.
Oct 11, 2011 (modified Oct 11, 2011)  • #5
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Just wanted to follow-up and let you know that we've released DisplayFusion 3.4.1 Beta 1, which should resolve this issue. You can download the beta version using the link below:


Please let me know if the issue still occurs after updating to DisplayFusion 3.4.1 Beta 1.

Nov 2, 2011  • #6
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