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feature request

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pin applications to taskbar in second monitor
windowblinds support e.g. start button logo doesn't change with the theme.
May 7, 2011  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
In the latest beta versions you can create Application Shortcuts on the DisplayFusion taskbars. More info on that feature is here:, and you can download the latest beta from here:

As for the WindowsBlinds compatibility issue, we've attempted to contact Stardock to see if they can work with us to help improve our theme detection but haven't heard back yet. We'll hopefully have the issue resolved at some point in the future.

May 9, 2011 (modified Jul 17, 2011)  • #2
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also notification area system tray
the pin feature fusion has opens the application (right) next to the pinned icon.
windowblind needs to be done asap
love the wallpaper changer with my 1080 screens
May 9, 2011  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks, we've got it on our list to make the Application Shortcuts work more like the Windows 7 pinned applications.

As for the WindowBlinds issue, we realize it's important for people, and we'll definitely get it working as soon as we can.
May 10, 2011  • #4
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